3 Crazy Facts About Dragon Flies

While most bugs are absolutely disgusting and usually send most people running in the opposite direction while a braver human takes of their shoe to rid the world of one more pest, dragonflies do not fall into this category.

Just like you wouldn’t brutally murder a butterfly with a fly swatter, dragon and damsel flies find favor with humans as they are beautiful and don’t go around sucking blood like mosquitos.

Dragonflies aren’t all looks, you know? They are actually some of the coolest bugs on the planet.

Here are some super interesting fun-facts about dragon and damsel flies.

1. Respect your elders:

Dragonflies are actually one of the ancient species of bugs which survived that which the dinosaurs were unable to. Fossil dragonflies have been found with wingspans which were about 2-feet long.

Could you imagine seeing a bug that big? It is theorized that because the earth’s atmosphere used to contain more oxygen during the Paleozoic era, dragonflies were enabled to grow to monstrous sizes.

These things evolved to be much smaller which allowed them to survive into the present day.

2. Vicious babies

Humans are actually one of the few animals which give birth to babies that are incapable of basic survival functions fresh out of the womb.

Dragonflies are no exception to this rule of the animal kingdom. Their babies are some of the most vicious larvae on the planet. They actually tend to top their food chain in their ecosystem. These little dragonfly babies will basically eat anything. They are capable of decimating tadpoles, mosquitos, fish, and other insect larvae. They can even go as far to eat eachother.

Not only are dragonflies lovely, but their babies do some serious pest control for us.

3. Hunting Level: Expert

If you think you’re good at Call of Duty, you are nowhere near the skill level of your average dragonfly.

These guys are actually some seriously amazing pilots. They have the longest migration of any insect. A species called the globe skinner migrates 11,000 miles back and forth across the Indian Ocean.

Dragonflies are not only expert fliers, but they are pro at catching their prey mid-flight. Well, they technically have to be able to do this as they are incapable of catching prey without being airborne.

They are expert marksmen. In a Harvard University study, it was found that dragonflies caught from 90-95 percent of the prey released in their enclosures, making them some pretty lethal hunters.

They’re also pretty gosh darn hungry, as one adult dragonfly can eat from 30 to hundreds of mosquitos per day. Again, not only are these little guys pretty but they sure are amazing at pest control.

They are actually pretty savage as well; some dragonflies tear the legs off of the spiders before they eat them. While having those giant prehistoric dragonflies around now would be pretty cool, we might have ended up on the menu. I bet you’re glad your average house fly can’t pick you up, dismember you and eat you.

Check out some more facts about dragonflies from the video below!