5 Shows With The Hottest Lesbian Scenes

Spoiler Alert: These shows listed below do have R rated lesbian scenes ranging from full blown makeout sessions, relationships and dirty surprises along the way.

Now if you’re in the mood for some hot girl on girl action and even a more sentimental approach to a lesbian relationship then these shows are the ones for you.

Not only are the scenes hot and cumbersome but have you craving such a passionate and profound connections like the majority of these characters share.

1. Orange Is The New Black:

Now, this show is set in an all women’s prison, so you best believe that this is packed with a variety of hot and heavy lesbian scenes filled with oral sex and steamy makeout sessions that leave your jaw on the floor. Even the characters that you didn’t see turning lesbian or having a sexual moment you’re in a great surprise because almost everyone takes part in some lesbian sexual intimacy.

2. The 100:

Now, this is probably one of the biggest shocks in the show as the main character decides to immerse herself in full in a lesbian relationship after her multiple straight love connections prior. You have to watch these to see how the whole story unfolds, but you will not be disappointed in the sex scenes and how intimate the scenes can get throughout the seasons.

3. Degrassi:

When the naughty and gorgeous, rich girl takes part in a lovey-dovey relationship with an increase in the sexual interaction you can’t help but get invested in this show. Filled with tensions, rage, and feelings these two definitely share more than just conversations with each other. As the relationship takes off slow with some distractions along the way, theres no doubt that these women share some intimate moments that you’ll just have to watch and see.

4. Pretty Little Liars:

As one of the main characters confesses and embraces her sexual identity, she engages in a serious and love filled relationship with her girlfriend. Throughout the various and never-ending seasons of this show, she has many profound and sexual flings with other women. Even though she is hiding from the scary people who are out on a mission to attack her, she isn’t wary of pursuing her love interests and showing them exactly how she feels towards them, not only emotionally.

5. Greys Anatomy:

The main lesbian relationship in this show starts out with a ton of exploring and flirting while experimenting their feelings before a possible marriage. Make sure you’re keeping up with this relationship from the beginning as many passionate feelings unfold throughout. There are many shocking sexual reveals throughout the seasons that will have you urgently searching for the next episode.

You’re just going to have to stay tuned and get ready to binge watch these shows to watch all of the sexy lesbian scenes that are shown. The majority of these seasons can be found on Netflix, so you’ll have the perfect setup for binge watching and fast forwarding to the hot parts.

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