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By | November 23, 2020
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Item Name: CT-50
Writer Name : Tyler Bramlett
Web page: http://ct-50.com
Editors’ Rating: 9,22 Stars
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Cash Back Guarantee: Certainly.
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CT-50 Program
There is a million and one individuals out there who’d give anything to get a better body. Following regular exercise routine for taking diet tablets simply doesn’t seem to make a damn bit of difference …! Nevertheless, CT-50 is a program that assures to alter all of that, even if you do not have an athletic bone in your body.

Now, if you are anything like us, you start to smell a rat as quickly as you see a product that promises to be different from anything you have ever seen prior to. Not to mention assures amazing outcomes without the tough slog. So we took this as our cue to obtain the information behind precisely what CT-50 was all about, and if it truly is a genuine way to look fab, or merely a method to part you from your hard made dollars.

Continue reading to find exactly what we found out. We believe you will be extremely interested in the findings …

What is Ct-50?

The CT-50 program is created by Tyler Bramlett, otherwise called the “Garage Warrior.” As you can collect from the nickname, he specializes in home exercises and functional physical fitness instead of the normal weight training routines. When it comes to his qualifications, he is just a typical man who entered the industry fairly late (and out of necessity) as compared to other well-known fitness instructors however he does have Crossfit Level 1 Fitness instructor accreditation, Kettlebell Practical Motion Professional accreditation, and Russian Kettlebell Trainer accreditation while being a USAW (UNITED STATE Weightlifting) Efficiency Coach.

CT-50 is a “living evidence” item born out of Tyler’s own experimentations and experiences in cross training with his own body. Quality “living proof” products (with this program fitting that bill) have a performance history of being really efficient since they reach beyond theory and go to what is shown to work in reality.

With regards to the item, the most glaring emphasize is the program’s “Progressive Movement Innovation.” It is an elegant method of stating cross training that gets more and more tough. Beyond the elegant branding however, CT-50 is a cross training approach that offers more enjoyable than raising weights, provides enough difficulty to keep your body advancing, uses body movements that lessen the need for expensive equipment, and grants added health advantages like versatility and athleticism that aren’t possible through standard physical fitness training and weight management programs.

Another emphasize of this item is the “Video Follow-Along Workouts” which make use of video coaching instead of easy exercise demos. With video coaching, Tyler coaches while his associates and students go through the exercise and demonstrate the workouts. You can see Tyler correcting posture, dispensing pointers, and encouraging his pupils. While if this was a workout presentation, you will see Tyler just performing all the workouts and it would not be as reliable as a teaching tool. A “thumbs up” is certainly well-deserved for this product with the video training option.

For our last emphasize, we actually think that the 22 minute exercises would benefit a lot of individuals, especially in today’s contemporary society that is seemingly constantly in a hurry. 22 minutes per exercise session at three sessions a week equates to 60 minutes a week; that is right, 60 minutes a week.

Exactly what do you get for your cash?

So, what CT-50 IS N’T about, is long sessions of dull cardio or high intensity period training. It isn’t about calorie counting and it isn’t about denying yourself all the foods you love. Exactly what it is about, is about the motions you put your body with each and every time you exercise.

It breaks down like this:

  • Level 1: This is where you start to begin the basic motions that will certainly take you on with the remainder of the program Motions such as ‘one leg shin taps, ‘body rows,’ ‘Turkish arm bars,’ and ‘shoulder bridge lifts.’ Since they are so small, anyone can carry out these with no stress over injury or fitness levels, and they offer the basis you have to resolve the remainder of the program.
  • Level 2: Right here we begin to move up a level, with motions lie ‘single unders,’ ‘burpee walk outs,’ and ‘Turkish sit ups.’.
  • Level 3: Because your body is starting to reinforce (and entirely alter shape, not to mention dumping the flab), the workouts end up being slightly more difficult. This avoids those terrible plateaus so common in exercise programs where you don’t appear to be able to proceed or see any enhancements.
  • Level 4: Time to rise the intensity (still at only an hour a week), with more complex motions that see your body shape and tone in ways you did not think possible.
  • Level 5: The final level, where you find out such movements as ‘inchworms,’ ‘insects,’ ‘vertical pike presses,’ ‘kipping bring up,’ and goblet jump squats.’ But the very best thing is, you have never ever needed to do any boring cardio or crazy high intensity workouts, which are the greatest reason that most people give up on their physical fitness efforts.
  • And all of this exists in an enjoyable, simple to follow blueprint that will certainly have you feeling and look better within a few days of starting the program. You likewise get video demonstrations of each and every single workout, total follow along video exercises and special CT-50 wall charts that you can print off for easy reference any place and whenever you want them …

Who’s it for?

CT-50 is an exercise program for those who aren’t just exhausted and fed up with regimes that do not work, but for everybody — no matter what their existing level of fitness. Thin or fat, female or male, old or young, this program will actually take you by the hand and guide you through precisely what you have to do to get fit and look fab. All with only an hour each week of workout.

Who’s Tyler Bramlett?

Called ‘the garage warrior,’ Tyler is a trainer and coach who is put together a system that is taken control of 9 years to produce. And one that he is successfully used with over 490 individuals at his gym in California, Santa Cruz, not to mention thousands more who have actually made the most of his online training.

After a Road Traffic Mishap that put him out of action with regards to routine training, Tyler found the power of different motions that burn optimum fat, and ways to eliminate the training that was merely a wild-goose chase. And it is these that he is perfect to come up with the CT-50 workout that works for almost any individual imaginable, no matter what their age, physical fitness level or genetic comprise.


  • Well, the most significant so called ‘con’ will be to think that you honestly can get the results you need without the out-of-date cardio and high strength workout approaches that we heve all been brainwashed into thinking are the only method to get the body we prefer. Once you begin to see the outcomes, we quite much guarantee that you will be converted …


  • This is a physical fitness program that is suitable for any individual. Whether or not you have an affordable level of physical fitness to start with, are a lazy-bones or are recovering from a health problem or mishap.
  • There is no need to sprinkle out on costly health club fees. In fact, you can finish the CT-50 program right within your very own home, without any need to acquire any special devices whatsoever.
  • You get 60 entire days to experiment with the program. And if you aren’t satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can get every red cent of your refund — no questions asked.
  • Included in the program is the supplement guide, the extremely workout smoothie guide (customized produced to assist you recuperate even faster, protect lean muscle and burn more fat from your CT-50 exercises), and the CT-50 exercise integration guide for those who want to combine their workouts with other sports also.


Okay, so we need to confess that we were encouraged that CT-50 was going to be another of those ‘too good to be real’ rip-off items that just existed to make its creator cash. But, never let it be said that we don’t mind being proven wrong. And kid, has Tyler Bramlett’s program done simply that.

For those who have tried every other technique you can believe of to construct muscle and lose weight, just provide this child a try. And with the cash back ensure you don’t even have to take our word for it.
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